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Cattelan Italia is definitely the leader in the furniture fashion world, keeping high quality and design standards for several decades. CATTELAN ITALIA was established in 1979 from an idea of Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, manufacturing initially “marble” elements, such as tables and coffee tables, focusing the business towards the export market. Immediately the firm achieved very ambitious results throughout the USA, Europe, and the Far East. Nowadays, Cattelan Italian expanded their production and except the dining and coffee tables, are making bedroom furniture, chairs and stools, consoles and mirrors, office furniture, bookcases and curios, sideboard and hall units – allowing everyone in the world to furnish his home with style and quality originated in Italy where the love for the origins and the value of traditions are the main ingredients of great products which are made of genuine talent and expression of the industrious artisans. Cattelan Italia became the Designer of great relevance contributing significantly to making the history of the furniture industry and its taste, completely Made in Italy, is recognized throughout the world.

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