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From the original industrial design project born on the idea of ​​movement, over the years Naos Action Design has distinguished itself in international markets for its high production quality and constant research and innovation. It is the art of doing, the art of combining movement and emotion. The mechanics of the movement are at the basis of the recognisability of the Naos brand. The mechanisms allow the product to move within the living space, not only by extending as for extendable tables but also by moving the tops in various directions, raising or lowering them, opening and closing, and so on. All this with very simple gestures. The movement mechanisms originally hidden within the structures, in some more recent products are displayed visually to emphasize the aspect of “domestic aesthetic machine”. Naos has deep production know-how, with state-of-the-art galvanizing systems. Chromed metal and steel are therefore the main materials associated with crystal in various colors. But there is no lack of combinations with other materials, other finishes, the lightness of aluminum, more rarely wood, recently the ceramic.
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